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Residential Landscape Lighting Gallery

From beautiful coastal shores to the heart of "The City Beautiful", we have designed and installed a multitude of stunning landscape lighting designs for homeowners.

Florida's great tropical architecture and indigenous plant life offer a variety of night images for homeowners to enjoy.






Commercial Landscape Lighting Gallery

Regulations for commercial development differ greatly from those of residential low voltage lighting systems. In-line systems offer the power and durability that commercial sites need.

There's a triple effect to great outdoor lighting; ambiance, safety and exposure. Make sure you're easy to see from the street at night, make a great impression and keep it safe for customers!

Holiday Lighting Gallery

The holidays are a special time of year when we open our hearts and our homes to invite in family, friends and neighbors to enjoy the bounty of the season.

Holiday lighting adds a special touch, and with Welch Creative Lighting you can leave the fuss to us, and concentrate on your turkey!





Manufacturers Lighting Gallery

Welch Creative Lighting uses only top name brand fixtures, transformers, wire and accessories. The best lights make for the best and most dependable and long-lasting landscape lighting.

Our manufacturers have shared photos of great work by installers from around the country.

Gallery of Welch Advertising

Over the years we've used some of our best shots to come up with advertising to entice you, the owner, to light up your night with Welch Creative Lighting.



Line and Low Voltage


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