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The Welch Difference

For commercial installations we recommend a mixture of line voltage and low voltage fixtures from manufacturers like Kim and Kichler.

For residential we recommend low voltage in a fixture quality range from a long-lasting low end to the finest fixtures available anywhere, which are guaranteed for life.

Welch Creative Lighting is one of the few licensed contractors in the entire state of Florida. After the licensing law went into effect, the code was changed; we stopped immediately, studied, and passed the rigorous license test. we are licensed in both Florida and Georgia.

Click here to check our license at MyFlorida.com ES12000412 - E. J. "Oscar" Welch.


It's now a regulation in the National Electric Code...the same code that governed and made requirements of the electricians who wired your home in the first place. Why? Simply because too many people say they know how to install low voltage but there are precious few who do it correctly according to the National Electric Code.


What else makes us so special?

Twenty-five years of lighting design experience. We will make a few suggestions you may not have envisioned, while working hard to execute your desires with sound lighting techniques to give your home or business the best lighting portrait it can have.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs!

We have a little rule in the company that says: We will call everyone back within 24 hours or sooner and make every attempt to solve your issue within the next 48 hours.

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Line and Low Voltage


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