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Much like real estate is location, location, location lighting is design, design, design. The right lighting plan is 80% planning and 20% installation.

For Landscape Lighting: We offer our clients a full design map of their property including location of buildings, plantings and where proposed fixtures will be placed. we carefully choose only top-quality fixtures that fit the area that is being lit. We also design the wiring system which will support these fixtures so that there are no issues such as dimming lights and poor power runs. We also include transformers and timers to monitor the system's electrical usage.

For Interior Lighting: Some areas need good strong light for doing homework, cooking meals, reading and working on projects. Other areas need soft lighting for relaxing and entertaining. Other areas may need task lighting, such as artwork displays and security lighting. We combine all of these aspects to make the light flow seamlessly throughout the house or workspace. We will help you select fixtures to match your decor, your needs, and your budget.

Lenses and Louvers

Optical Spread Lens- Use this to diffuse intense light beams to give a light a soft natural fall on structural fixtures and to widen the beam slightly.

Linear Spread Lens - Use this to widen the light fall of low-lying lights to create a seamless light illusion

Honeycomb Louver - In contrast a louver constrains the light beam so faded edges become more crisp and focused.

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We use these techniques to insure that you don't get "Grand Opening" lights, an effect that makes you focus on the lights not the highlighted object.

For Holiday Lighting: The secret to holiday lighting is using the right combination of lights for a specific task. There are several bulb sizes available for rooflines. Minilights combined with greenery add a fresh look to your normal decor. Light strings and wires must be safely secured, as well as effectively disguised when viewed in the day. Most importantly, a licensed installer will insure proper wiring structure to avoid serious safety hazards.

Line and Low Voltage


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